Save Lives Together Foundation is committed to supporting Ukrainian residents, servicemen and women, first-aid workers, medical facilities treating casualties, and victims of the crisis in Ukraine.

To date, the Save Lives Together Foundation has delivered over $1 million of medical aid and with your support, we will continue to purchase and deliver life saving medical supplies to Ukraine. Without these supplied, many lives would be lost.


Elina Lerman

Tonya Levchuk

Iryna Pylypenko

Russia's military aggression against Ukraine and the ensuing war have dramatically changed the lives of many Ukrainians, both at home and abroad. In early May 2014, Tonya Levchuk, a Business Intelligence Analyst working in Texas, USA, was asked by a friend to help with the purchase of a few packets of 'Celox'. As it turned out Celox was a military-grade coagulating agent used by the US and NATO armies for treating serious wounds and arterial bleeding and, at the time, virtually unheard of in Ukraine. Shortly thereafter Tonya's Mum carried the first delivery of Celox from the US to Ukraine in her luggage. By September 2014 over $400,000 worth of supplies had been delivered to Ukraine and with needs growing by the day Tonya, and her two friends Iryna and Elina registered the Save Lives Together Foundation - the first US-based charity focused on providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Today the Save Lives Together is one of the largest independent suppliers of Celox, combat tourniquets, chest wound seal kits, tactical medical backpacks and other battlefield first aid supplies to the Ukrainian army and other facilities in the combat zone. The Foundation is also involved in equipping mobile army hospitals and military field ambulances, the provision of rehabilitation centers and we are proud to say that our work is supported by people, like you, from all across the globe.